We bring you natural beauty with real ingredients the way nature designed it. All our products are 100% plant-based containing organic and bioactive ingredients.

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Love these products. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am. These products leave my skin feeling soft a fresh every day and night. I quit using all other brands since I’ve been using them. The eco friendly packaging and extra little gifts give them a personal touch that I love and will keep me coming back for more.

- Laura Lancaster

I love, love, love the cleansing grains. I use it once a day and my face feels incredibly refreshed afterwards. I follow it up with the hibiscus and green tea facial toner and daytime conditioning oil which leaves my face with a nice subtle glow throughout the day. Thank you Juniperus Herbals for your time and dedication into making quality products!

- Angel Bigwood

I love the products from Juniperus Herbals. I have been using them for almost two years now. Daily I use Cleansing Grains, Hibiscus and Green Tea toner and White Sage night oil. Since using Cleansing Grains I find my pores stay cleaner and open longer, never any build up. I love the scent of the White Sage night oil, and truly look forward to using these products daily. Aside from the products, I get a handwritten thank you note every time I purchase, and if I ever have questions she is quick to answer. I highly recommend Juniperus Herbals to any one looking for a healthy, affordable, all natural skin care regimine.

- Bridget Gustafson

Proudly Sustainable

Our products are made with sustainable sourced ingredients. All of our packaging is reusable and recyclable and our bath salt bags are compostable.

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