Meet the Founder

Juniperus Herbals products are clean, all-natural, plant-powered botanical skincare. Each product is an expression of my love and the love of plants and gems. They are cruelty-free, handmade in small batches by yours truly, and strive to be sustainable from the ingredients to the packaging.

I believe that plants have innate wisdom, and with that wisdom, they know best how each constituent, or medicinal quality, is best used. Each formulation is centered around that wisdom allowing each plant's magic to take center stage.

Hi, I'm Meghan, and I am a lover of all things nature.

I have always been drawn to the natural world. As a little girl, I would wander the woods behind my childhood home. Never did I experience more peace and joy than those moments of solitude and tranquility. The forest held such magic to my youthful eyes.

As an adult, I still wander the woods looking for connections in the natural world between plants, animals, and the earth.

My greatest joy is being a mother and learning about the magic held within plants and rocks.

I genuinely believe their magic should be relished and shared. My desire and goal are to help share that magic with the world. This is the heart of Juniperus Herbals, bringing plant and gem magic into our lives.

Life is magical if you choose to believe in it. Join me in the magic! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, everything skincare, and hopefully some magic.