Why All the Hype? (Benefits)

How they work:

  • Clays are an assortment of negatively charged minerals
  • They attract toxins, bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and other impurities to them that get washed away with the mask
  • They leave behind skin-loving minerals 

Not convinced yet? What if I told you they help:

  • fight acne 
  • reduce the appearance of pores
  • balance your complexion 
  • balance oil production (known as sebum)
  • rejuvenate your skin by oxygenating it  



Anatomy of a Great Clay Mask


The anatomy of a great clay mask


  • Clay

The clay should always be cosmetic grade. Meaning that it is cleaned to remove minerals or elements that could be dangerous for your skin. 

  • Organic herbs that nurture and support your skin health
  • Active ingredients that are naturally derived and target your specific skincare concern. 


Not All Clays are Created Equally (Clays for each skin type) 


Well, they are all amazing, but not ALL are awesome for every skin type. 

Each clay is unique in how they absorb the nasties from your skin, so it's important to know your skin type and which clay will work best for you.


the best clay for each skin type


Do's and Dont's of Clay Masking 


  • Use 1-2 times per week
  • The best time is during your nighttime ritual (after cleansing - before serums and moisturizers)
  • Choose the right clay for your skin type 
  • Always test on a small patch of skin (inside elbow) 
*Everyone's skin is different. Even though clay masks are natural, you could still have a reaction. 


  • Don't let the clay mask dry on your skin
  • Don't freak out when your face is red afterward. This is totally natural and a good thing!



    For the DIYers Out There


    As a DIYer at heart, I started with clay masks. Here is a super simple Hibiscus Clay Mask you can easily make at home. It's great for all skin types and has my favorite herb in it, hibiscus. I absolutely love working with hibiscus, and I include it in tons of my formulas. Everyone has something to gain from this jam-packed flower. 


    Here's the recipe:

    • ½ tsp of powdered hibiscus
    • 1 tsp Kaolin Clay
    • 1 ¼ tsp of water 
    • Or substitute the water to give your mask more bang for its buck. Try milk, witch hazel, or use a face oil. 

    Combine the ingredients in a glass bowl and apply. It's that simple. 

    I borrowed this recipe from Mama Clay. If you want to learn more or need more in-depth instructions, head over here.


    For the more time-sensitive ladies out there, try one of my clay masks. Simply add water and your ready to go!

     Simply Purify Herb & Clay Mask by Juniperus Herbals    Let Me Clarify Herb & Clay Mask by Juniperus Herbals    Pore Detox Charcoal & Clay Mask by Juniperus Herbals



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